ACTIONTEC 500 Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter and 4-Port Hub Kit (PWR514K01)

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as of 09/28/2023 (Details)

Connect Your Home Theater Components Without Hassles Looking to bring a high speed, high performance Internet connection to your home theater or home office without the expense of wiring the room for Ethernet? The 500 AV Powerline Network Adapter with Four Ports can connect up to four devices right through a power outlet. It’s perfect for high-bandwidth activities like streaming HD video, teleconferencing, or online gaming without any buffering, lag, stalls, or glitches. Easy Setup Simply plug the four-port adapter into a power outlet, and then connect Ethernet cables between the adapter and the devices you want to connect (i.e. HDTV, gaming console, Blu-ray player, etc.). Those devices will be instantly connected to each other and your existing powerline network. Step 1Connect the Powerline adapter to your router with an Ethernet cable. Step 2Plug the first Powerline adapter into a nearby electrical outlet. Step 3Connect the second Powerline adapter to the devices you want to connect to the Internet with an Ethernet cable. Step 4Plug the second Powerline adapter into a nearby electrical outlet. Are the Power, Link, and Connected Ethernet lights glowing green? Congratulations -- your device is now connected to the Internet. Perfect for your home theater. Connect up to four devices right through a power outlet. View larger. Why Actiontec Powerline? Widespread Support You can connect your Blu-ray player, DVR, gaming console, and other hard-to-network devices. With the four port design, you can simultaneously connect up to four individual devices to each other and the Internet. Plug in Anywhere Most rooms in the home or office have multiple electrical outlets, so your network's bandwidth is available almost everywhere. Easily extend a fast Internet connection to Ethernet-enabled set top boxes, HDTVs, gaming consoles, wireless access points, and other devices in the home. Performance and Reliability Each Powerline Kit provides 500Mbps of bandwidth, eliminating the congestion of wireless networks. It's ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as online gaming and HD video streaming. With powerline speeds up to 500Mbps, get the performance of a wired network without running Ethernet cables. Cost Effective and Flexible The 500 AV Powerline Network Adapter with Four Ports works over the existing electrical wiring in your home or dorm. It's safe and secure - doesn’t trip circuit breakers, so the signal stays within the home. Technical Spefications Data rates: HomePlug AV PHY rate is up to 500Mbps over standard home power lines; Ethernet rate is up to 100Mbps Interfaces: One/four 10/100 BaseT Ethernet LAN ports and one 500Mbps Powerline connection Operating range: up to 300 meters (984 feet) via home power lines Security: 128-bit AES link encryption with key management Compatibility: coexists with HomePlug 1.0 (14/85Mbps) and interoperates with HomePlug AV (200/500Mbps) What's in the Box? Actiontec Powerline Network Adapter (1+4 Ports)/(1+1 Ports) About Actiontec Actiontec offers people with a better way to connect. Our products bring content to the home (routers/ modems), through the home (powerline/ coax adapters), and to the home theater (wireless display/ wireless HD). This product may interfere with devices such as lighting systems that have a dimmer switch, short wave radios, or other powerline devices that do not follow the HomePlug Powerline Alliance standard. Power outlets and electrical wiring must all be part of the same electrical system. Certain electrical conditions in your home, such as wiring conditions and configuration may affect the performance of this product. A minimum of two Actiontec 500 AV Powerline Network Adapters are required to create a network. Connecting this product to a power strip with a surge protector may adversely affect the performance of this product. For best results, plug adapter directly into a power outlet.

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