DIRECTV Broadband DECA Ethernet to Coax Adapter – Generation II (2 Pack)

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as of 06/09/2023 (Details)

This listing is for a two (2) pack of Broadband DECAs . Allows an internet connection to be distributed throughout the home through coaxial cable. The DECA network is a shared 200Mb/s, or the same speed as full duplex 100Mb/s Ethernet This kit includes the DECA II adapter, EPS10 power supply and DCFR0 DC to RF adapter Use this device in place of a Cinema Connection Kit or older Broadband DECA The power supply and DC to RF adapter may also be used with any DECA or DECA II Compatible with the following receivers: H21,H23,H24,H25, HR20,HR21,HR22,HR23,HR24,HR34/Genie,THR22/Tivo Standard Definition receivers and DIRECTV H10/H20 receivers require a band stop filter Any ethernet cable may be used to connect the DECA to your home network If you do not have coaxial cable in the same room as an ethernet connection, use the Wireless Cinema Connection Kit instead Can be used with HR34/Genie and Genie Clients Allows connection of a broadband router to home set-up Great for using right behind a router to pump internet over coax for a Whole Home DVR or Connected Home Setup This unit will connect to your router via an Ethernet cable, and then into an open port on one of your sws splitters to get the internet into the coaxial cable for the entire system.

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