MSRM US750 750Mbps Long WiFi Range Extender 360 Degree Full Coverage High Power Dual Band Range Extender (Black)

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as of 12/11/2023 (Details)

Describe MSRM Extender in 3 words. Easy, Reliable, Powerful Are your struggling for your wireless? Then search for a MSRM wifi extender. They are suitable for interruption sensitive applications like Netflix, Skype, FaceTime, LoveFilm Instant and multi-player online gaming. The MSRM can solve your problem ,no more coufuse for slow networking MSRM US750 can gives you the blazing-fast speeds to do what you love: gaming, streaming, surfing-a mix of all three. It comes equipped with a dual 2.4/5GHz network to cover your whole home, and a separate 5GHz network for your high-usage devices. Note 2.4GHz: penetration is good, transmission distance is more longer. 5GHz: the speed is more faster ,but the penetration is not better than 2.4G,the speed will get half if there are barriers between the extender and devices Q: Why the WiFi extender could not boosts my WiFi speed? Answer: Please note that the Wi-Fi extender only extends the Wi-Fi coverage, could not BOOST the speed of your original router or hold the same speed of the original router Package List 1 x MSRM wifi range extender with dual external antennas 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet Cable 1 x User Manual

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