TiVo BOLT+ 3 TB DVR: Digital Video Recorder and Streaming Media Player – 4K UHD Compatible – Works with Cable

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as of 03/31/2023 (Details)

It’s bigger-er: TiVo BOLT+, the roomier Unified Entertainment System. This is the box to entertain. Able to record six shows simultaneously, TiVo BOLT+ provides you with a cavernous warehouse for all the shows you love, up to 450 hours of HD! (1) It’ll bring all your entertainment together in a way that’s simple, speedy and personal. It replaces your existing cable equipment, delivers all your cable channels, and integrates your streaming content into a single, unified experience. (2) Search everything in one click. And every available season and episode—no matter where it comes from—is organized for your binge-ing pleasure. Engineered to get you to the good stuff faster, TiVo BOLT+ runs circles around all your other options with this one-of-a-kind lineup of features: Records up to 450 hours of HD programming with 3 TB of storage (1) Records 6 shows at once 4K UHD compatible SkipMode skips entire commercial breaks at the press of a single button QuickMode speeds you through recorded and buffered shows 30% faster than normal speed with pitch-corrected audio—great for sports, news and award shows OneSearch means you no longer have to jump from app to app trying to find a TV show or movie. Search TV, available on demand, and streaming apps in one click, and pick the best option for you Integrates access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, HBO GO, Hulu, VUDU and more (2) Searches TV, available on demand and streaming content simultaneously Streams and downloads to mobile devices in and out of the home (4) Schedule recordings almost anywhere with the free TiVo app for smartphones and tablets Compatible with TiVo Mini for a truly economical multi-room solution—it doesn’t add to your monthly TiVo service fee, no matter how many TiVo Minis you add! (5)

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