WiFi Extender, Aigital 2.4G Wireless Internet Booster for Home 300Mbps Superboost Wi-Fi Blast Range Repeater WLAN Signal Amplifier Repetidor, Easy Setup and Covering

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as of 09/28/2023 (Details)

This small WiFi Extender can easily boost your wifi range to let you have a more vast network coverage and surf the internet more conveniently. When do you need this wifi extender? 1. When your home wifi works well, but its range is not long enough. It cannot reach to your yard, your other further rooms, your second floor, your basement, your garage and so on. - Set it as Repeater Mode, to extend your wifi range to achieve a full house coverage. 2. When you have a modem but do not have a router, so you have wired network for your computer but you don't have wifi for your phone / pad or other devices. - Set it as AP mode, to let you have a wifi to use your wireless devices without limitation. NOTE: 1. Please connect to the wifi "WiFi Repeater" on your phone/computer/laptop wifi list before you log into the website "" to configure it. 2. If you set it as a Repeater, please note its passwords must be exactly same as your home wifi passwords, otherwise there will be no internet to access into. 3. If you want to re-configure the device, please reset it to factory mode first: Press the reset button over 10s till you see the lights changing from on to off to on again. The WiFi Repeater will become an unlocked wifi. Specifications: ·Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz ·Supported Voltage:110V-240V ·Maximum WLAN security with WPA2,WPA and WEP(128/64) ·Antennas integrated ·Setup Video: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HRR2BPY?ref=cp_d_n_mn Package Includes: 1×WiFi Repeater 1×RJ-45 Network Cable 1×User Manual If you have inquires about its setup, please check your mail box, we have sent setup steps to you! You can also contact us via 【support@aigital.cn】 anytime. Thank you!

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